Samaipata is an ideal destination for those looking for a cozy place to relax and dream in the open air, enjoy the warmth of its people or go out in search of adventure in the different natural attractions of its surroundings.

Its location in the mesothermic valleys is privileged, since it combines the warmth of the tropics with the freshness of the pre-Andean heights, with an average temperature of 23ºC and a lot of sun.

It is located 120 km southwest of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and invites you to breathe the purity of its 1650 meters high air. Samaipata is situated in a cozy plain, embraced by mountains.

How To Arrive?

Starting Point

The ideal starting point to get to Samaipata is the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, located 120 kms away.

The previously used Santa Cruz – Cochabamba road, mostly asphalted, allows you to reach Samaipata in about 2.5 hours.

The Trip

It is characterized by a mainly agricultural landscape, passing through small populations of producers of milk, fruit and livestock. Tourist resorts are also spotted. In the midst of an incomparable view, the climate change is felt from the 60th kilometer onward. During the gradual ascent, a fresh mountain breeze replaces the tropical heat of the city.

Transportation Methods

Bus Terminal Santa Cruz
Micros and minibuses daily, Tel. 334-077. Trips from Santa Cruz to Mairana, Vallegrande, Comarapa, with stopover in Samaipata upon request.

Samaipata Mini Buses
Daily direct transport to Samaipata of mini buses one block away from Av. Grigota and 2nd Ring. Departures every hour. Cost is 30 Bs / 4.5 $ us. per person.

Where to Sleep?

One kilometer from the Main Square of Samaipata, in one of the most tranquil and elevated locations (1700 masl), you’ll find Quinta Piray, a complex of 19 modern cabins of high standard, totally conditioned for a pleasant stay between friends, family or couples.

Where to Sleep?

One kilometer from the Main Square of Samaipata, in one of the most tranquil and elevated locations (1700 masl), you’ll find Quinta Piray, a complex of 19 modern cabins of high standard, totally conditioned for a pleasant stay between friends, family or couples.

The name alludes to the Piray River, which begins in Samaipata, continues towards the capital Santa Cruz de la Sierra and ends in the outskirts of nearby provinces. In Guarani “Piray” means “Fish in Water”, as symbolized by the Quinta logo.

Where to Sightseet?

The surroundings of Samaipata have a number of incredible sights to behold.
Here are some recommendations:

El Fuerte
El Fuerte

El Fuerte

Located 8 km away from Samaipata, El Fuerte is the largest carved stone in the world, recently declared by UNESCO a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is embraced by mountainous landscapes, the Amazon and the Gran Chaco.It is a pre-Inca archaeological site that functioned as a center of indigenous ceremonies.

This rocky platform of 200 m long by 60 m wide has a landscape rich in nature and entices you to take a walk. But beware, it is strictly forbidden to walk on the platform.

Many of its visitors witness a strange energy coming from the ruins. This may be the reason why Erick von Däniken thought of El Fuerte as a UFO take-off ramp.
Parque Nacional Amboró
Parque Nacional Amboró

Parque Nacional Amboró

Certainly one of the most fantastic natural parks in the world. It's found in the backwaters of the mountain range, between 300 and 2500 m high, washed by rivers and falls of crystalline water.

800 species of wild birds are part of the exuberant life that inhabits the park. From every point of view, an unforgettable adventure.
Laguna Volcán
Laguna Volcán

Laguna Volcán

This lake formed in the crater of an inactive volcano is located about 50 km from Samaipata, in the direction towards Santa Cruz. It is surrounded by the Serranía Volcanes, a mountainous formation of sandstone that oscillates between 800 and 1200 m of height.

In the area there are rare species of birds and butterflies, as well as trees covered by fascinating epiphytes. The landscape completes the falls of water and the lake itself, suitable for swimming and refreshing with its natural charm.


About 5 km from the town of Mataral, 65 km from Samaipata along the road to Cochabamba, the Mataral Caves are part of the archaeological circuit of the area, where prehistoric man (4000 BC) left cave paintings and petroglyphs representing Scenes with magical rituals and daily life.

The archaeological scenary is complemented by the natural beauty of the place, which has rivers of crystalline water that precipitate in small waterfalls, forming natural spas.

Another dazzling and unusual attraction is the Mataral Desert, where many varieties of giant cacti grow.
La Pajcha
La Pajcha

La Pajcha

45 km south of Samaipata, on dirt road, immersed in a practically unspoiled landscape, the waterfalls of "La Pajcha", invite a prolonged bath.

Many visitors decide to spend the night in the place to admire the immensely starry sky next to a romantic bonfire and the cooing sounds of the surrounding nature.
Casacadas de Cuevas
Casacadas de Cuevas

Casacadas de Cuevas

20 km away from Samaipata, amid unsurpassed landscapes, you will find the Cascadas de Cuevas, a natural beauty that deserves to be visited. You can reach the nearby ravines and enjoy a swim in the waterfalls. It is a spectacular spot and one of the most frequented by tourists.

Where to Eat?

Breakfast TIps

At breakfast you can enjoy a smoking hot api (purple Bolivian corn based beverage) with some crunchy cheese empanadas at the local market, or look for a great American style breakfast at restaurants near the central square.


The gastronomic offer in Samaipata is wide: traditional Bolivian food, local criollo cuisine, a la carte international dishes and organic grown vegetarian options. The criollo cuisine is found at the local market. Fast food and international dishes are served in restaurants catering all tastes: pasta, pork, grilled meat …

Cafes & Pubs

If you’re looking for a coffee, drink or good music, the options are diverse. In central square you’ll find a tranquil night life amidst bars and coffee shops with WiFi access.


The harvest of wine and coffees in Samaipata is growing. Ask in the Quinta Piray, or in local city tours, how to take a walk to these parts of town.

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